Tough Dog Names – List of Tough Male and Female Dog Names

Why would anyone give their pets tough dog names? Because their canine companion is really tough. Or just to feel good. Another reason to give your pet a tough name is because of its temperament.

The great thing about dogs is that they come in many sizes, colors and temperament. As a result, the many dog breeds share dog names. This is why some good dog names are very popular, such as Max, Bella, Sam and Simba (an African dog name that means “Lion”).

You see, it’s not the size of a dog that matters. Mostly. But sometimes size and shape do come in handy – as in the case of the huge Tibetan Mastiff that relies on size to scare away predators.

Some small dogs, such as the tiny and bossy Chihuahua, can be really bold and aggressive. And they love biting. Jaws would be a good fit for such a dog, plus the tough name would serve as a reminder (and warning) that the dog loves to bite! Or just call her Diva.

Jack Russell terriers were bred to hunt. Consequently, a really tough dog name for a Jack Russell can be Hunter, Killer or Savage. Shaggy/ Fluffy is a good and tough sounding dog name for dogs who have a lot of hair, such as the fluffy Bichon Frise and the shedding Shiba Inu.

20+ Tough Male Dog Names

20+ Cool Male Dog Names
Rambo Gus Rocket Speed
Reaper Killer Beast Butch
Siege Venom Boa Fury
Anarchy Prometheus Big Show Claws
Jaws Atlas Meteor Smasher
Copper Ulton Hercules Phantom
Punisher Force vegas Savage
Canon Sharp Buster Chewy
Chase Dexter Duke Fox
Hunter Ranger Rocky Romeo
Rusty Spike Tank Thor

20+ Tough Female Dog Names

The following are some of the top tough female dog names.

20+ Awesome Female Dog Names
Venus Ivy Queen Shadow
Sassy Viva Angela Bitch
Sunshine Artemis Geisha Roxy
Lucie Mae Mimi Vixen
Ann Alexis Diva April
Cindy Kike Ebony Zora
Agatha Huntress Aisha Alex
Katana Laila Daisy Mercy
Pam Fifi Hero Kali
Iris Betsy Cara Mystique
Olympia Tiger Paloma Pandora
Patsy Pearl Penny Ria
Rhea Sheba Sky Stella
Storm Sue/ Su Thea Thekla/ Thecla
Topsy Val Vashti Sphinx

More Cool Male and Female Dog Names

Badass dog namesThis list of tough dog names is not conclusive. A good place to get some tough dog names such as Gus, Loki, Scooby and Thor is in cartoons, movies and series.

Queen, Daisy and Diva are great names for a beautiful companion dog such as Shih Tzu, as well as the Goldendoodle.

Porter, Miller and Brandy are some rough sounding drink-inspired dog names. Pepper, Coco and Chilli/ Chili are popular food-inspired tough dog names for a shedding or hypoallergenic pet.

The process of picking a name for your canine friend is not always an easy one. The chosen tough dog name will last for the dog’s lifetime – usually over 15 years.

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