Badass Dog Names: 100+ Tough Male and Female Dog Names for your Puppy

Some dogs are just badass – hence the need for badass dog names. And it doesn’t always depend on their size. There are tiny but feisty dog breeds such as the shedding Chihuahua. Then there are the giant dog breeds that can also be very gentle if well trained, such as the large white dog breed known as Dogo Argentino.

It is not unusual to give a gentle dog a badass dog name. It all depends on the dog name that a pet owner desires. Below is a list of badass dog names. Some of them are inspired by movies dogs, celebrities as well as the days gone by when being badass was in vogue. They include badass hunting dog names as well as tough male and female dog names.

It is good to remember that choosing a badass dog name for your puppy is not an easy thing. In any case a dog name isn’t easy to change once a dog gets used to it. Just like humans don’t change the names we are given at birth.

Badass Dog Names: Tough Male and Female Dog Names for your Puppy

Badass dog names

  • Ace – a tough dog name for a canine friend who is very good at some particular skill. Ace is one of the popular dog names that start with A.
  • Rambo – the big bad in the Rambo movies. John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) was a popular movie actor in the ’80s and ’90s.
  • Joker – we all know a dog that loves to lazy around.
  • Tiger – this is a good badass name for tough and muscular dogs
  • Aiden – Means “little fire” in Irish. It is a badass dog name for male dogs.
  • Reaper – The grim reaper. Really badass!
  • Simba – Swahili for “Lion”. This dog is courageous and muscular.
  • Rocky – this can be a great name for a bold dog who has a rough coat
  • Sharp – a tough dog name for an intelligent dog such as the hypoallergenic goldendoodle.
  • Chui – This is the Swahili name for “Leopard”. It is a great name for a dog who is light on his feet and loves to approach stealthily and quietly like leopards do. It could also be a good C dog name for spotted dog breeds such as American Hairless Terrier, Dalmatians and the Catahoula Hound (Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog).
  • Fox – This is a great name for foxlike dog breeds such as Shiba Inu and Akita Inu
  • Moto – Swahili for “fire”
  • Flash – Does your dog run really fast? Then give him/ her this badass dog name.
  • Chewy – a tough name for dogs who love to chew things!
  • Gus/ Gustavo – Remember the badass villain in the television series Breaking Bad?
  • AK – It just sounds cool!

Badass Dog Names that Start with A

Name Meaning
Abaddon Hebrew name of an angel that means Destruction, Destroyer
Abbas (Arabic) Abbas means “Lion” in Arabic
Abdul (Arabic) Arabic name that means servant
Abir Male/ Female Arabic word for aroma, scent or perfume
Abnus (Arabic) Persian for “ebony”, an ornamental black/brown hardwood – heavy, blackish and one of the most expensive wood in the world
Abyss Greek word that means bottomless or unfathomable
Acadia Land of Plenty. This tough dog name has French origins
Ace Expert, genius, maestro. Great name for a hunting or guard dog
Achak Male dog name that means spirit
Achilles The greatest, most-handsome and strongest of all Greek warriors. Achilles is famous for his actions in the Trojan War
Adalwolf German name that means “noble wolf”. Closely associated with the male German names Adolf, Adolph and Adolphus. This is a fitting name for a wolf-like dog such as Shiba Inu and Akita Inu.
Adelaide German female dog name that means “noble” or “kind”. This tough dog name would be a great match for a Shih Tzu, who were bred for Chinese nobles
Adham (Arabic) Arabic name that means “black”, especially a shiny black color
Admiral A high ranking officer in the military (navy)
Adolfa, Adolfo, Adolfus, Adolpha, Adolpho Related to Adalwolf
Adonis A Greek mythological name for the lover of the goddess Aphrodite. This is a badass male dog name
Aphrodite Aphrodite is a goddess in Greek mythology who is the lover of Adonis
Adreanna A girl dog name that means “dark”
Adrenaline From the fight of flight hormone, this tough name is associated with bravery, strength and power
Agustus Rome was transformed from a republic to an empire by its first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus. The masculine name is associated with peace and prosperity
Ahsa (Arabic) A Muslim/ Arabic name for boys that means “strong” and “valiant”
Aiden Irish boy name that means “fiery one”
Aila A tough girl dog name that means “light”. It is also associated with knowledge/ intelligence
Aisha (Arabic) A very popular girl name among the Swahili Arabic speakers that means “living” and “prosperous”
Ajas (Arabic) A female name that  is associated with mastery and pride
Ajax Ajax was a battle hero in Greek mythology. His strength and bravery was second only to that of Achilles
Akira A Japanese name that means light, clear and bright. The name Akira is also associated with intelligence and wisdom. It can be given to both male and female dogs.
Akita A female name that means “field of rice”. This is also the name of the popular Japanese dog breed Akita Inu
Alaska A tough dog name for the Alaskan Malamute, a large dog known for his strength and endurance
Alba Alba is mostly a female name that means “white” and “bright”.
Alec/ Alex A male name that means “Defender Of The People”. Alec is a great dog name for any badass guard dog breed such as the German Shepherd.
Alexander A male name of Greek origin. Alexander means to guard, defend and protect. The name is associated with the famous Greek king and war hero Alexander the Great.
Alexandria This is the feminine name of Alexander
Alexis This is a very popular name in the US for girls. Alexis means “helper” and “defender”.
Alien A great unisex name for a dog who looks like an extra-terrestrial. The strangest looking dog breeds include the Komondor, Italian Greyhound, Bedlington Terrier, Puli, Brussels Griffon and the large non-shedding Bergamasco Shepherd.
Alpha A great dog name for a dog who is dominant, aggressive and well-muscled. Some of the most muscular dog breeds are the Dogo Argentino, American Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terriers and the American Bully.
Amazon Amazons were strong female warriors in Greek mythology. This is a great badass girl dog name for a dog that is big, strong and athletic.
Ambush Means to attack by surprise. This is definitely a great dog name for any hunting dog breed such as the Boerboel, Jack Russell Terrier and the popular Labrador and Golden Retrievers.
Amethyst A Greek word for a rare gemstone.
Ammo Short for ammunition and associated with guns and cannons. This is a badass name for a strong dog breed.
Ammon A male Hebrew name whose many meanings include faithfulness.
Amzi (Arabic) Amzi is a male name of Hebrew origin. It means strong/ strength.
Anakin An American boy name that means warrior. Anakin is also associated with health and strength, and with the giants in the Bible.
Andrea Feminine for Andrew and meaning brave and independent.
Andromeda Andromeda is the name of an Ethiopian princess in Greek mythology. The name is associated with great beauty.
Angel/ Angelina/ Angeline/ Angelos This name is associated with good behavior and high standards. This is a great name for any dog whose character traits include patience, friendliness, intelligence, protectiveness and cleanliness. The name is commonly given to tiny and small dog breeds, especially lap dog breeds such as the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua and Maltese.
Angus A male name associated with vigor and strength
Anika This name means graceful, sweet and brilliant.
Apache The Apache are native, warlike American people commonly depicted as brave and aggressive in Apache movies.
Apollo A strong dog name for male dogs. Apollo is the name of an asteroid as well as the Roman and Greek god of music, sunlight, prophecy and poetry.
Apophis Apophis is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos who is depicted in art as a giant serpent.

Other tough dog names include:

Tough Dog Names 2019
Diesel Hank Canon Spike
Thor Force Fury Wheels
Gizmo Dexter Lulu Blackie
Roger Boss Foxy Fox
Angel Skipper Chipper Sunny
Jack Daniels Zippy Teacup Chica

10+ Badass Hunting Dog Names – Tough Male Hunting Dog Names

Badass hunting dog names are great for dogs who are skilled at hunting and getting rid of pests such as rats and mice. They include:

Badass Hunting Dog Names
Buster Jaws Killer Venom
Prometheus Beast Boa Speed
Butch Claws Hunter Hercules
Savage Ranger

10+ Badass Female Dog Names – Tough Female Hunting Dog Names

Badass Female Dog Names
Huntress Ivy Mercy Bitch
Shadow Hero Kali Vixen
Pandora Tiger Sheba Thea

How to choose a Badass Dog Name for your Puppy

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a badass dog name.

  1. Personality – different dog breeds have unique personalities. It is a great idea to give your puppy a name that is related to their personality. Kali is a good Swahili dog name for a ferocious dog. Bruiser, Tiger and Fighter are good badass dog names for aggressive dogs. Kimya (meaning silent) is a great African dog name for a quiet dog such as the barkless Basenji, a non-shedding dog breed.
  2. Size – It’s not the size of a dog that counts, but the fight in the dog. However, it is important to consider the size before giving your puppy a name
  3. Boy or girl – there are tough names for male and female puppies. Rambo might be an inappropriate tough dog name for a female dog.
  4. Coat color – dogs come in many colors. Midnight is one of the badass dog names for a black dog

Remember to stick with just one name once you have selected a tough name for your dog. This is because dogs learn their names through repetition. It is also recommended to avoid choosing badass dog names that sound familiar to any commands you might use to train your dog.

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