Good Dog Names: Top Male and Female Dog Names for your Puppy

Most of the good dog names are actually people’s names. This is also true for the names of the popular dog breeds. The Jack Russell Terrier, for example, is an allergenic dog breed named after Jack Russell who was born in England. He desired a hunting dog that would assist in his favorite pastime: hunting.

What is a good name for a dog? Well, some popular dog names, such as Speed, Angel, Ace, Baby reflect the character and behavior of the dog. Other good dog names indicate the dog owner’s perception (or the desired traits) of their wonderful canine friend. These include Hunter, Champ, Beowolf (remember the large, dark, werewolf-like animals in the American fantasy series Grimm?), Simba (Swahili for lion, hence the dog owner views his dog as brave and strong).

Other popular dog names are simply coined from the dogs color! These include Blackie, Brownie, Blondie and Red. Dogs easily distinguish names that contain the sibilants s, ch, z, sh and zh from background noise. These dog names also include the soft consonants x, z, c and f.

They are easier to memorize. Moreover, dogs hear these sounds much better than humans. Consequently, many dog owners choose dog names that have a sibilant consonant. Examples of good names for dogs that don’t shed include Max, Charlie, Misty, Princess, Buzz, Butch and Zoe.

What are some Good dog names?

Here is a list of the best and popular dog names. It includes cool male, female and puppy dog names for small dog breeds, as well as big dog breeds.Popular dog names for male and female dogs

15+ Most Popular Male Dog Names

  1. Max – This might easily be the most common dog name in the U.S. It is an easy name to pronounce. Most dogs who are named Max are playful, easy going and love their owners.
  2. Buddy – Buddy is a popular male dog name. You will usually find dogs named Buddy being owned by single men. This dog name that starts with B reflects loyalty, friendship and companionship.
  3. Rocky – This is a tough dog name suitable for dogs who have a strong personality. It is a good male name for dogs that are strong and confident, and dogs who are constantly aggressive towards other dogs – such as the Shiba Inu!
  4. Jake – Jake loves to eat, play and sleep. He is an easy-going dog who is also fun loving. You will usually find him calmly sitting next to the family cat.
  5. Bailey – this unisex dog name can be given to female dogs as well. It is suitable for dogs who are easy to train and love their families.
  6. Sam – A dog named Sam is likely to be carefree and happy. He loves playing and having fun. Sam follows you everywhere you go – with a wagging tail.
  7. Lucky – Do you seem to get lucky whenever you are in the company of your dog? This popular dog name is also given to dogs who have helped others survive a near-tragic occurrence. In any case, this dog name should bring you a lot of good luck and happiness.
  8. Duke – Royal, elegant and well behaved dogs would be a great match for this dog name. The majestic Shih Tzu and the non-shedding Goldendoodle easily come to mind.
  9. Bear – This is another tough dog name for a dog who has a strong personality, long haired or with a furry coat. It can also be given to a hunting dog, such as the Jack Russell terrier.
  10. Charlie – A great name for a dog who is a great companion. Most dogs named Charlie tend to be warm-hearted and loving. It is easy to pronounce, and memorable to a dog. Most dog names that start with C are easy to say and remember.
  11. Cody – Cody loves to play. He is gentle and great with children. The dog is obedient and loves his master unconditionally.
  12. Buster – This is a popular dog name that denotes physical strength and a strong personality.
  13. Jack – Jack is a good name for a dog who is carefree and loves to just eat, play and sleep. It is a good name for a dog who loves human company.
  14. Toby – This popular dog name is easy for small children to remember and pronounce. Consequently, it is likely to be given to small and medium-sized dogs who are cool and have an easy personality.
  15. Simba – This is a popular African dog name. Simba is Swahili for “Lion”. Dogs named Simba tend to be fierce and bark a lot. They are good guard dogs.
  16. Hunter – A great name for a dog who loves to hunt.
  17. Kifaru – This is a Swahili name for the Rhinoceros, a huge wild animal that dwells in the continent of Africa. The Swahili dog name is a great name for a Pitbull breed: aggressive, loyal and protective.
  18. Leo – This common dog name is short for several names, including Leonard, Leon, Leonardo, Leonidas and Leander. A dog named Leo will most likely be intelligent, happy and friendly.

Good Names for Dogs – Cool Male, Female and Puppy Names

Top Dog Names for your Puppy
Abbey Abbie Abby Abe
Abel Ace Ada Agatha
Aida Aimee Aisha Albert
Alex Alexis Alice Amanda
Amber Amelia Amie Amos
Amy Ana Andy Angel
Angela Angie Ann Anna
Annie April Archer Archie
Ariel Arnie Arnold Arthur
Asha Ashley Astro Athena
Atlas August Ava Baby
Bailey Baker Bambi Bang
Barbie Basil Bean Becks
Becky Beka Bella Belle
Benjamin Benny Beowolf Bernice
Bernie Bess Betsy Betty
Bianca Bill Billy Birdie
Biscuit Blackie Blondie Blossom
Bo Bob Bobby Bonnie
Boy Brad Brandy Bree
Brian Brodie Brook Brooke
Brooklyn Brownie Bruce Bruno
Bubba Buck Buddy Buffy
Butch Buzz Callie Camila
Camilla Candy Cara Carla
Casey Cassie Caster Cecil
Cedrick Champ Chance Chanel
Charlie Chase Cherry Chloe
Christian Chui Cindy Claire
Cleo Cliff Cobby Cobi
Coco Cole Cookie Cooper
Costa Courage D.J Daisy
Dan Dana Dane Dani
Danny Daphne Darla Dave
Debbie Dee Delia Denzel
Destiny Dexter Dianna Diego
Diesel Dina Ding Dino
Dixie Dodge Dolly Don
Dora Droopy Duffy Dusty
Earl Easter Echo Edie
Edward Eleanor Eliza Ella
Ellie Elsa Elsie Elvis
Ema Emie Emilia Emily
Emma Emmy Eric Erick
Esther Eugene Eva Evans
Eve Evelyn Exie Faith
Faye Felix Fiona Fox
Foxy Francis Frank Frankie
George Ghost Gigi Gill
Ginger Girl Goldie Goofy
Grace Gracie Greg Grey
Gypsy Harper Harry Harvey
Holly Honey Hope Huff
Hugo Hunter Isabelle Ivana
Ivy Jack Jackie Jada
Jaimee Janice Jasmine Jason
Jazmine Jean Jenna Jess
Jessica Jill Josphine Juno
Kali Karla Kate Katie
Katy Kenya Khloe Kiki
Kim Kimberly Kimiko Kindra
Kittie Kitty Koko Lacy
Lady Laila Lala Lana
Lannie Lara Larissa Larry
Laticia Laura Laurie Layla
Leah Lena Leo Leslie
Lester Lexi Liana Libbie
Lilla Lily Lina Linda
Lisa Lisandra Lois Loise
Lola London Lora Lorna
Love Lucie Lucky Lucy
Lula Lulu Luna Lupita
Lyn Macy Madge Madonna
Mae Maggie Maia Maira
Maisha Maisie Maisy Malia
Mammie Mandi Mandy Mara
Marion Mark Martha Mary
Matilda Maude Max May
Maya Meg Mercy Mia
Mickey Mika Mike Miki
Millie Milly Mimi Mina
Minnie Mira Miss Missy
Misti Misty Mollie Molly
Monnie Moses Muffin Mugo
Murphy Mya Nana Naomi
Ngui Niki Nikki Nina
Nora North Nymeria Olive
Oliver Olivia Omega Pam
Paris Pat Paula Peaches
Peanut Pearl Pebbles Peggy
Penny Pepper Perry Phoebe
Pinkie Piper Pippa Pixie
Pluto Poppy Precious Princess
Rambo Ranger Ray Rene
Rhea Ricki Rickie Rita
Robbi Robbie Robin Romeo
Rose Rosie Rosy Roxie
Roxy Roy Rubi Ruby
Rudy Rufina Russ Sadie
Sage Sally Sam Samantha
Sammy Sandy Santa Sarafina
Sasha Sassy Scarlet Scarlett
Scoobie Serena Shadow Shaggydog
Sharon Sheba Sidney Simba
Sissy Sky Skye Smokey
Snoopy Snowy Sophia Sophie
Spark Speed Stacy Star
Stella Steve Storm Stormy
Striker Sue Sugar Summer
Sun Sunny Sunshine Suzie
Suzy Sweetie Sydney Tami
Tammie Tasha Terry Tess
Thea Theo Thomas Tiger
Tilly Tina Tomi Tommy
Toni Tootsie Torri Tracey
Tracker Trixie Tyra Valentine
Vanita Velma Venus Vera
Vicki Vickie Vicky Victor
Victoria Viola Virgie Viva
Walter Waneta Watson Wendy
Wesley Willa Willie Willow
Willy Wilma Wind Windy
Winnie Winter Wise Xena
Yasmine Yolanda Yoshie Yoshiko
Young Yuki Yuko Yun
Yuri Yuriko Yvette Yvonne
Zana Zara Zella Zelma
Zena Zetta Ziggy Zina
Zoe Zola Zora

As you can see from the above list of top dog names, some of the popular dog names reflect the benefits the dog owner gets from his companion, such as Sunny, Hope, and Sweetie. Research has proved that dogs recognize whenever we are happy, sad or in distress.

They do their best to make their owners feel happy – hence dog names such as Sunshine. We hope this list of good dog names will help you give your wonderful friend a cool pet name.

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