Spend Bill Gates Money Game: Play to Spend over $100bn

What if you had over $100bn? How would you spend all that cash? The Spend Bill Gates Money game lets you spend over $125bn on a variety of items that include helicopters, F-16 jets, bars of gold, mansions and vintage items as well as cheap stuff that include apples, Barbie dolls, shoes and pens.

The game was developed to simulate spending all of the American billionaire businessman, software developer and inventor’s wealth. All you have to do is decide on the quantity of each item and then add them to your cart.

What is it about the super-rich and gold? Well, you can add thousands of gold bars to your cart. Land is available in plenty as well in the Spend Bill Gates Money game, including expensive islands whose price tag is in excess of $500 million.

Are you about to buy something you don’t really need? Simply remove it from your shopping cart and the money reverts back to your bank account.

Spend Bill Gates Money: Play Game to Spend over $100bn

Here are some cool ways to spend all of Bill Gates’ money.

1. Buy Fruits and Vegetables

Eating more fresh fruits and veggies is great for your heart and brain. It will help you lower your body’s cholesterol levels and, especially for men, ensure a great blood supply for better performance where it counts.

Spend Bill Gates Money game

Most importantly, eating an apple a day still keeps the doctor away. In any case, you have to eat to live. Consequently, it would be great to begin your shopping spree by adding fresh fruits and apples to your cart.

But you can also indulge yourself by adding some hamburgers and chocolate bars to your cart.

2. Spend Bill Gates Money Buying Pets

Spend Gates' cash on petsParrots are sociable, colorful and highly intelligent companion birds. And you have over 400 parrot species to choose from. These birds will keep you entertained by mimicking your speech. And since you are a billionaire, you can have birds shipped from all the 7 continents.

Other pets you should definitely consider adding to your cart include hypoallergenic cats and allergy-free dogs. They will keep you company, help you live a healthier lifestyle and guard your massive wealth.

3. Spend Bill Gates Money on Cruise Ships and Yachts

Buy cruise ships and yachts using Bill Gates moneyAll work and no play will make a dull billionaire. But lucky you! You can buy as many yachts and luxury cruise ships as your money can allow. You obviously have a super-busy schedule. But you should definitely spend time visiting the best destinations on earth – including the land of the Pharaohs.

And since you are super-rich, now is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a yacht worth $4.8 billion.

4. You can buy F-16 Jets and Tanks Too

Billionaires love to flyThe sky is certainly never the limit for such a billion-dollar investor, businessman and inventor as you. So feel free to add hundreds or thousands of F-16 fighter jets and battle tanks to your shopping cart.

5. Spend Bill Gates Money on Super-Luxury Cars

Spend all Bill Gates money on luxury carsWhich model of luxury car have you always admired but couldn’t afford to buy? Now that you are a billionaire, you can probably have as many Audis, Benzes, BMW, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Tesla, Koenigsegg CCXR and Porsche as you want.

6. Buy Vintage Paintings

Billionaires love vintage artworksOne of the most expensive painting ever sold is the Salvator Mundi, a painting of Christ by Leonardo da Vinci. Other expensive vintage paintings a billionaire can buy include the Mona Lisa and other Leonardo da Vinci works, as well as artworks by other legendary painters such as Van Gogh and Picasso.

Other items available for sale on the billionaire spending game include alcohol whose price can go up to $1.9 million per bottle! You can play the Spend Bill Gates Money, Spend Elon Musk Money and Spend Jeff Bezos Money games at www.mpesacharges.com

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